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With the DISOBOX® Plus, the Schenck Process specialists have logically extended their successful concept and enhanced it with some new features. DISOBOX® Plus converts conventional analogue scales into digital scales, both for legal-for-trade and for process applications. It can be combined with the DISOMAT® family analysis devices or DISOVIEW E PC software to produce high-precision, multi-talented weighing systems.

The most important feature of the new electronics unit is that the output signal of each load cell is separately digitised. This provides access to the measuring voltage of the individual cells at any time. It also enables precise analysis of the dead load distribution during commissioning – including convenient, electronic corner balancing.

During running operation the load distribution on the scale is analysed and each load cell is individually monitored. In the event of an error, the affected component is quickly identified. This provides key savings in terms of time, materials and costs, and also ensures greater process reliability.

Universal use:
The DISOBOX® Plus has virtually unlimited applications and shows its worth wherever maximum flexibility and digital, fault-proof signal transmission are required.

The DISOBOX® Plus MR is a multichannel on-site analog-digital converter optimized for dynamic train scales. The 8 measuring channels have been designed for direct connection of the sensors. The output signal of each connected channel is digitized separately. This gives an expanded range of analaysis possibilities.

Typical applications:
Truck scale applications, rail vehicle scales, crane scales, and hopper scales. Above all, it is used in systems in which the load distribution is important, e.g. in wheel load scales, test systems or in scales designed to determine the centre of gravity.

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