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Pit scales

Save space & resources

Space-saving and well-engineered right down to the last detail
The latest generation of weighbridges is a real innovation. Featuring integrated strip foundations, on the foundation bed itself, the scales are simply placed in a bed of sand prepared by the customer. Less elaborate installation with shorter installation times means savings right from the word go in the most important resource of all: time! The complete weighbridge are pre-assembled from high-quality precast concrete parts and fitted with robust load cells.
It only takes a few hours to finish excavating the ground and the scales are up and running.

Further advantages:
The scales can be traversed lengthwise and crosswise and have been approved for initial verification throughout Europe.

Special technical features:
In the 18 × 3m version, the pit scales consist of two weighbridges, supported on six load cells. Two prefabricated foundation beds form the pit. Various other kinds of extra equipment are also available. When combined with the DISOMAT® Opus or Tersus evaluation electronics and the ZEUS or JASON programme packages, the scales produce a fully functional unit.

Possible uses:
Incoming/outgoing goods scales in industrial facilities and shipping companies. Legal-for-trade load determination of transport vehicles. Convenient material flow management system in disposal and recycling facilities, in conjunction with intelligent software solutions.

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Data sheets
DISOMAT® Opus Weight Indicators
DISOMAT® Opus - ZEUS Weighbridge
DISOMAT® Tersus weighing terminal
DISOMAT® Tersus - ZEUS Road Weighbridge
DISOMAT® Tersus – JASON Road Weighbridge
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