PureFeed® A feeder

Feeder in hygienic design

Extension of our core competence in screw feeders

The feed system is suitable for gravimetric or volumetric feeding of powders and granulates and is ideal for feed rates from 500 g/hr to 150 kg/hr. The screw feeder satisfies the stringent requirements of hygienic design.

Given the external non-intrusive agitation of its flexible hopper, the PureFeed® A discharges the product gently, ensuring optimum bulk material flow. The penetration depth and frequency of the external agitation can be conveniently set to product specific requirements. The screw feeder is available in various configurations which can be easily adjusted to the application and also handle challenging feeding tasks. Feed hoppers of various sizes are available as well as helix and nozzle auger extensions.

Application Parameters
  • Ideal for feed rates from 500 g/hr to 150 kg/hr
  • Particle Size: 3 µm to 5 mm
  • Bulk Density: ≤ 1.4 kg/m3
  • Material Characteristics: Free-flowing to difficult to handle
Characteristics of PureFeed® A Screw Feeder
  • Flexible internal FDA compliant EPDM feed hopper is both recyclable and disposable
  • External, non-intrusive agitation of the flexible feed hopper
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance
  • Volumetric and gravimetric feeding configurations
  • All connecting pieces are secured using quick-release clamps

Typical applications
The PureFeed® A screw feeder can be found in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetics industries for the feeding of mills, mixers, extruders and compounders.

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