LOGiQ® RemoteControlManager

LOGiQ® RemoteControlManager is one of a number of convenient modules which make up the perfectly coordinated logistics software solution from Schenck Process for the bulk materials and cargo industry. The modules developed by Schenck Process automate all processes from ordering through to shipment and synchronise the exchange of data between process and commercial systems.

The LOGiQ® RemoteControlManager module is responsible for remote monitoring of terminals at loading points and road vehicle scales. One special security element is the option of remote control if problems arise, when the module functions as a control centre for the control panel. It creates an overview of the loading points and provides the option of remote control, with administration and extensive monitoring possibilities.

A browser interface provides the operator with an overview of the available stations and their current status. The operator can access all stations and provide on-site support if necessary. A separate password request protects the operator from accidental and incorrect operation.

LOGiQ® RemoteControlManager also features the option of bridging automatic functions from the terminal. This function is important for access terminals, for example, if an on-site user should be admitted to the plant but does not have the necessary access legitimation.

Overview of services:
  • Display and remote control of available loading points
  • Display and remote control of available unloading points
  • Display and remote control of available approval stations
  • Display and remote control of available access stations
  • Display and remote control of available self-dispatch stations

Display and remote control of available mobile stations, e.g. forklift truck terminals.

Software modules:
LOGiQ® RemoteControlManager basic module for incorporating functionality.
LOGiQ® RemoteControlManager licence per remote workstation.

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