LOGiQ® PrintManager

LOGiQ® PrintManager is one of a number of technically mature modules which make up the perfectly coordinated logistics software solution from Schenck Process for the bulk materials and cargo industry. It automates all processes from ordering through to shipment and synchronises exchange of data between process and commercial systems. All of the modules are individual and, when combined, can be individually configured to meet the specific requirements of various industries and companies.

The LOGiQ® PrintManager module is a complex and convenient aid to processing and issuing print data in LOGiQ®. The program individually records query data and provides statistics, delivery slips and weight notes. It can operate automatically or manually depending on requirements. The user is free to choose the output medium, e.g. laser and matrix printers, on-screen preview, printing to a file or directly to PDF format. The information to be printed can be delivery notifications, maps, delivery slips, weight notes or information on the master data saved in the system.

The standard reports include evaluation lists on the following master data: addresses, customers, forwarding agents, construction sites, invoice recipients, vehicles, items, loading points, ID cards, parking spaces and general program information.

There are a number of standard evaluation templates available. They are grouped as follows:
  • Transport orders according to item numbers
  • Transport orders according to buyer (dispatches)
  • Transport orders according to goods recipient (dispatch)
  • Transport orders according to recipient (deliveries)
  • Transport orders according to supplier (delivery)
  • Transport orders according to forwarding agent
  • Transport orders according to number plate.
Additional evaluation and statistics are available with the following reports. This can be done using various filter criteria:
  • Loading, bulk material, filtered according to item number
  • Weighing, bulk material, filtered according to item number
  • Weighing, packaged goods, filtered according to item number
  • Dispatches, total per product
  • Dispatches, filtered according to forwarding agent
  • Dispatches, filtered according to customer

Software modules:
LOGiQ® PrintManager basic module for incorporating functionality.
LOGiQ® PrintManager licence per printer station used

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