LOGiQ® ParkManager

LOGiQ® ParkManager is one of a number of modules which make up the perfectly coordinated logistics software solution from Schenck Process for the bulk materials and cargo industry. It automates all processes from ordering through to shipment and synchronises exchange of data between process and commercial systems.

The LOGiQ® ParkManager module helps to use the loading points efficiently. It records the number of trucks authorised to enter the plant and compares this with the free capacity at the loading points. The trucks are assigned to the loading points for which they are scheduled, effectively avoiding queues building up or trucks making empty trips.

LOGiQ® ParkManager calls vehicles to free loading points using large displays in front of the car park grounds or displays in the drivers’ waiting room. The display in the drivers’ waiting room shows the estimated waiting time for individual loading points, allowing the drivers to better assess and if necessary use their waiting time.

Vehicles are only permitted to enter if there is sufficient space at the loading points. Occupied loading points are however set to stop and only allow vehicles if space is available. This is extremely beneficial, as traffic congestion is avoided at the loading points and the number of vehicles in the plant is kept low.

If a loading point is free because loading of a vehicle is complete, the number plate of the next vehicle or the number of its ID card is called up. This call remains valid for a certain period of time. The driver should enter the plant within a defined time. If he misses this call, his vehicle is sent to the end of the queue.

In a nutshell, LOGiQ® ParkManager enables even 24-hour operation without plant operating personnel.

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LOGiQ® ParkManager basic module for incorporating functionality

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