LOGiQ® LoadingManager

LOGiQ® is our logistics solution for the bulk materials and cargo industry which perfectly automates all processes, from ordering through to shipment. LOGiQ® controls the flows of goods to and from the production processes. It also ensures that data is exchanged between the process and commercial systems in a fully automated manner. The complete LOGiQ system from Schenck Process is made up of modules which can be arranged to create an individual overall solution to suit the needs of any company.

Loading tasks for cargo and bulk material can be implemented with the LOGiQ® LoadingManager, LOGiQ® LoadingManager CC and LOGiQ® ParcelledGoodsManager modules.
Here, LOGiQ® LoadingManager carries out automatic processing and loading, including identification, scales technology and process control thanks to complete self-operation in the plant. Operating staff are not needed.
For information purposes, all key information for the higher-level systems is displayed via the user interface, allowing the driver to read all current data at a glance. He sees whether the loading nozzle is in the starting position, or whether it was lowered on the vehicle, for example. And he can also see at a glance whether the material flow was requested for the control system and the vehicle is being filled.

The LOGiQ® LoadingManager module basically only requests operations from the higher-level control system. It has no control tasks of relevance to security. This task must be carried out by the control system in a fail-safe manner.

Identification using ID cards
The operating terminal is fitted with an ID card writing/reading device. It records the information of the inserted ID card and the associated transport order from the database. The data is then checked for plausibility, for example, if the driver has driven onto the correct loading point and the requested material is currently available in sufficient quantities. At this point material reservation comes into play.

Material reservations
The LOGiQ® LoadingManager module evaluates whether material has already been reserved for other transport orders by planning. This check calculates whether there is also sufficient material for the current transport order.

Dead man switching
In some system configurations, the driver needs to be present and check the loading process at all times. For this purpose, the LOGiQ® LoadingManager module prompts the driver to confirm a check request at regular intervals. If there is no confirmation, the module switches the loading process to stop. This is particularly important in the case of sensitive materials. This process is known as “dead man switching”.

Transport order planning
The LOGiQ® LoadingManager module can completely prepare and implement a transport order. Additional modules are generally not required.
It is mainly used for bulk material terminals which are not on the plant premises. The LoadingManager module features a convenient planning function for precisely this kind of situation. It works in accordance with the same guidelines as the LOGiQ® SelfDispatchManager module.

Printing delivery slips
After successful loading, the module can also print out the delivery slip if the loading terminal has the appropriate equipment, completing the processing of the transport order. This is a perfect way to save time, as the driver can remain comfortably seated in his vehicle at the plant exit while the delivery slip is being issued. Only the ID card is checked at the plant gate.

Wagon loading
For wagon loading, the module gives you the option of directly selecting individual wagons from the train set. The sequence can be changed and the wagons can be loaded automatically.
Because train loading is mainly controlled by plant personnel, the module can also work without ID cards. The transport order and wagon number need simply be entered. For security reasons, plant personnel also have to enter an authorisation code, which eliminates confusion with transport orders for trucks.

Material delivery
The LOGiQ® LoadingManager module is also optimally suited to delivering bulk material. When checking the transport order, the module looks to see whether the correct material is delivered to the intended station. After a successful check, corresponding signals are sent to the higher-level control system and the vehicle is emptied.

Software modules:
LOGiQ® LoadingManager basic module for incorporating functionality. LOGiQ® LoadingManager licence per monitored loading or unloading station.

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