Simple and modern analysis system for belt scales

Precise measuring und recording of bulk material
The monitoring system INTECONT® Satus is designed for applications where flows of bulk material have to be precisely recorded and measured with the aid of conveyor belt scales such as MULTIBELT®. The indicators’ consistent focus on what is actually needed makes it an especially interesting, yet simple and also ultramodern device.

Ease of use
Everything about this device is designed with ease of use in mind: data input via a keypad with just six keys. An illuminated LDC indicates the measurements and also makes the plain text user guidance system clearly legible. The dialogue output can be in German, English, Italian, Spanish or French.
By concentrating on the essentials, only a total of 18 operating parameters require setting. They can be entered using the INTECONT® Satus keypad or with the aid of the EasyServe PC program. The parameters are saved in the load cell dongle and therefore remain readily available even if the entire electronic system is replaced. Alongside the proven Modbus, the device also has a 10/100Mbaud network connection (Ethernet) as standard. Options include fieldbus cards for Profibus DP-V0, DeviceNet and Ethernet/IP.

Equipment and functionality
INTECONT® Satus, fitted with a stainless steel housing as standard, is also available as a wall-mounted device for vertical attachment and a tabletop version.
The device can be easily installed on the scales on-site, allowing for rapid commissioning. The delivery rate counter’s automatic recording of bulk material flows and belt load monitoring then ensure smooth production processes.

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INTECONT® Satus, Indicator for Beltscales
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