Heavy-duty (HD) airlock

    Airlock for pneumatic conveying systems

    The HD Airlock features a round inlet to square outlet (or reverse) and is ideally suited for low pressure or vacuum conveying systems. HD Airlocks can also be used as a bulk storage or filtration discharge device.

    Standard HD Airlock Specifications:

    • Cast iron housings on the 8×6 through 24×24 models
    • Fabricated carbon steel construction on the 30×30 and 36×36 units
    • Double lip seal assembly
    • Outboard sealed bearings
    • Carbon steel machined rotors
    • 8 vane rotor
    • 8×6 through 20×15 models have open end rotors
    • 24×24, 30×30 and 36×36 models have closed end rotors
    • Gasket material on flanges is silicone caulk
    • Maximum temperature rating: -45˚ to 200˚ F (-42˚ to 93˚ C)
    • Rated up to a 15 psi pressure differential

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