e-nizing®: all machines finally in one platform

    e-nizing GmbH, our daughter company is providing e-nizing.io: a platform to visualize the status of all machines, no matter if it is Schenck Process- or any other equipment.

    In todays faster, digital, connected and complex world, the platform, which makes things easy is called e‑nizing®. No matter which IoT solution a customer has in place, e-nizing® brings it all together: simple, safe, generic and fast.

    e-nizing® is one app for all IoT solutions, offering:

    • Integration: e-nizing.io offers the freedom to integrate all IoT solutions. No data silos anymore as data can be collected from any machine (also non-IoT machines can be retrofitted), analytics or sensors. It is an open system, highly scalable and offers everything in one place, independently of its vendors.
    • Visualization: e-nizing.io visualizes the status of the machine. Structured and clear.
    • Analysis: e-nizing.io provides data analyses through a variety of Add-Ons. Customers can chose to go either directly with e-nizing.io or with third party services.
    • Action: Limits for every data point can be defined and thereby, any event can trigger a phone call, email or API call. This can be used for example to be notified if there is a problem in the plant or to order spare parts or maintenance automatically.

    The platform’s key characteristics are:

    • e-nizing.io is simple: e-nizing.io delights with a very easy and user-friendly usage, which eliminates any need for trainings to work with it. Free accounts can be setup via www.e-nizing.io to test the systems’ easiness.
    • e-nizing.io is generic: you can visualize any data and any machine with one clearly structured user interface.
    • e-nizing.io is safe: highest security standards ensure that every user can see his own data only. The system is run with end-to-end payload encryption, every device has an unique ID and unique encryption key, 2-factor authentication and certified data security.
    • e-nizing.io is fast: Machine integration can happen in no more than two weeks’ time: a feature, especially mechanical engineers appreciate.

    Behind the e-nizing® brand is a company with start-up spirit, whose team combines mechanical engineering with IT background and emerged from the Schenck Process’ future lab, an award-winning project.

    Want to learn more? www.e-nizing.com