Bulk material valves

Dust-tight material flow valve

Stock® Bulk Material Valves (BMV) are used to control material flow from bins, hoppers, chutes, silos, and long downspouts. The self-cleaning rack and pinion design makes this valve extremely suitable for bulk material applications where positive shut-off is required through a standing column of material. The pinions drive through the gate ladder racks providing self-cleaning operation. Any material accumulating on top of the gate rack will be crushed and passed through thus eliminating the possibility of gate binding.

Stock® bulk material valves are designed for material handling applications that involve harsh environments, wide temperature ranges, pressure differentials, and unusual flow characteristics. All Bulk Material Valves are dust-tight to the outside plant area. The overlap, closure of the gate and self-cleaning racks makes these valves well suited for handling fine and dusty materials. The Stock® design allows for routine maintenance and inspection and permits the removal of the gate assembly while the valve remains in place. The gate operating shaft is located above the gate rack, keeping bearings, rollers, and the pinion shaft out of active material stream.

Bulk Material Valves have a wide range of applications. The location of the valve within the system will determine the valve’s features.

Valve Types:
  • Track Hopper
  • Yard
  • Air Coal
  • Bunker Outlet
  • Water cooling
  • Operation Type
    • Electric Operation
    • Hydraulic or Pneumatic
    • Manual Operation
      • Pocket Sheave
      • Hand-wheel
  • Body design
    • Inlet / Outlet Shape
      • Round
      • Square
      • Rectangular
    • Pressure rating
      • Dust tight
      • Pressurized
      • Explosion resistant
  • Materials of construction
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