Automatic voltage controls AVC XM

Innovative voltage controls for electrostatic precipitators

Advanced Diagnostics
With its high speed Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and full color LCD graphics interface, the AVC XM represents the state of the art in TR voltage controls for ESPs. Not only does the DSP allow for greater stability and accuracy, it provides a new level of advanced diagnostics, allowing users to find and fix ESP problems faster and easier without an oscilloscope, without donning arc flash protection, and without tagging the cabinet out.

Advanced Control
Higher speed and accuracy, combined with advanced control algorithms allow the AVC XM to react to sparks more intelligently providing more power to the ESP more often. Extensive program parameters allow plants to automatically fine-tune the control based on process and fuel changes. The AVC XM includes all the standard features you’d expect: energy management, power reduced rapping, back corona detection, background power settings and more.

High Reliability
Triple level circuit protection keeps the AVC XM safe in the most hostile of electrical environments. Modern surface mount manufacturing combined with extensive automated testing and conformal coating insures every AVC XM will function properly.

Windows Interface
The AVCWin Windows 7 compatible interface brings the power of the AVC XM into the control room, allowing users to monitor, configure and control all AVCs as well as perform diagnostics and create reports.

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