Air diverter

Routes clean air delivery to multiple locations

The Schenck Process Air Diverter with 3-way switching automates the routing of clean air delivery to multiple locations in a pneumatic conveying system. Replace manual hose switching stations and use the Air Diverter to send air to additional product feed points or atmosphere without stopping and restarting the air source. The compact design eases installation while the diverter seal provides air tight assembly preventing loss of convey air.

  • Available in carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Food grade silicon seal
  • Requires 80-100 psig clean, dry plant air (customer supplied)
  • 4-way NEMA 4 single solenoid air control valve
  • Temperature range -20° to 300° F
  • Pressure to 15 psig
  • NEMA 4 position proof switch equipped with two spot switches
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Air Diverter
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