Fill-level Measuring Devices and Bin Weighers

Highly accurate maintenance-free systems that can be placed anywhere along the production line.

You will find Schenck Process fill-level measuring devices and bin weighers where the exact weight of material in silos, bins, mixers or reactors needs to be determined. These devices are used in the food industry with its stringent sanitary and protection requirements; in hazardous areas in the chemical industry and in industrial environments where bin weighers have to meet high standards for dustexplosive atmospheres. Maintenance-free in nearly every temperature range and for the widest variety of weight classes and bin sizes.

Whether it´s a small feeding bin, a mixer, a reactor or a large storage silo, Schenck Process’ weighing equipment weighs reliably and accurately in every weight class from a few hundred kilograms (pounds) to over a thousand tons.

Easy to integrate with highly accurate results
The compact unit consists of a load cell and mount designed for simple integration into the bin support. The advantage is that the mount compensates for the forces created by internal stirring systems. Weighing is recorded outside the bin without product contact, thus eliminating any influence that product characteristics might have had on the result.

The fill level data can be communicated to the customer’s control system in various ways e.g. analog or digital.

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Fill-level measuring devices and bin weighers
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