Raymond® Ball Race Mills

Raymond size reduction and classification equipment

Get constant throughput of pulverized coal with capacities from 10 to 40 metric tons/hour.

  • Low-maintenance design
    a) Higher available grinding mass.
    b) Arrangement is such that most of the coal particles gets ground by rubbing of coal with coal particles instead of coal to metal contact.
  • High availability
    a) As there are no bearings in the coal flow path, there’s no need for period inspection of journals.
    b) Handles a range of fineness from 70% passing 75 microns (200 mesh).
  • Power consumption is almost 1/3 of same capacity tube mill.
  • Grinding elements of ball race mill consists of one set of top and bottom ring and a number of large diameter hollow balls.
    a) Balls are free to rotate about both axis. Balls wear uniformly and retain its spherical shape throughout its life.
    b) Product fineness remains same throughout the life.
  • Fineness adjustment is done by changing the speed of rotor.
  • Hot air temperature and flow path through the grinding zones have been designed carefully so that it dries out coal without affecting the throughput. ball race mill can handle moisture up to 15%.
  • Mill can handle high ash abrasive coal. Ash percentage does not decrease the throughput.
  • Low reject rate.
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