Evolution of a dynamic brand

    In 1881 Carl Schenck opened an iron foundry and scales factory in Darmstadt, Germany. 1881 Logo 1881
    1900 – a new factory 1900 Logo 1900
    In 1928 a new turning shop was added to the Darmstadt factory and it became the first building to bear the new company logo. The logo was chosen from among several designs by local graphic designer Hartmuth Pfeil: CSD – Carl Schenck Darmstadt. 1928 Logo 1928
    From the 1960s, the logo was enclosed by a circle and then a square. The word "Schenck" was added in 1983. 1960 Logo 1960
    The circle around the logo was removed in 1997 but the "box" retained. 1997 Logo 1997
    2006 – Schenck Process celebrates its 125th anniversary. To demonstrate the company’s ongoing development, the rigid, fixed frame was removed from the logo. An expression of increased flexibility and dynamism – self-assured and as a strong brand. 2006 Logo 2006

    The logotype
    Rooted in the company name "Carl Schenck AG", in 2006 the logotype was further developed in line with the company's positioning. The Schenck name, which stands for quality, was combined with the word "Process". This represents not only the independence achieved in the meantime, but also the company's overall philosophy: it's not only the individual that counts, but the larger whole. Schenck Process designs processes and thereby opens up new horizons.

    The logogram
    In 1881, Carl Schenck founded his company that developed, patented and marketed legal-for-trade weighing equipment. The picture element of the logo has its origins in the initials CSD, which stand for Carl Schenck Darmstadt.
    In 2006, to demonstrate the company’s ongoing development and openness to new ideas, the rigid, fixed frame was removed from the logo – an expression of increased flexibility and dynamism. The new-look logo is self-assured and represents a strong brand.