Weighing and feeding technology for process improvement in the steel industry

The global consolidation of the steel industry demands optimized processes. Weighing and feeding systems have always played an important part in economical and safe steel production: from the mass control and feeding of raw materials to the processing of pig iron and crude steel to the sale of the finished products.

The weighing and feeding systems used for internal control in the production area (scrap yard, blast furnace, converter, EAF and continuous casting machine) have to operate in a particularly harsh environment. They handle weights of 1 to 1000 tonnes, sometimes at extreme temperatures.

The requirements are many and varied:
  • Production control to achieve stable quality parameters
  • Measuring and optimizing production efficiency
  • Internal cost allocation

Weighing and feeding systems from Schenck Process operate accurately, reliably and with little maintenance throughout their service life. Schenck Process develops, designs and manufactures direct weighing technologies for specially adapted load cells for steel production in-house. This enables us to respond optimally to our customers’ growing requirements.