Water Treatment Application

Bulk solids handling

Serving Water Treatment Industry
Schenck Process has a long history of serving and supporting wastewater treatment plants and chemical producers. With expertise in weighing, feeding, pneumatic conveying, and bulk bag unloading we have designed and manufactured bulk material handling for facilities throughout the world.

We handle your dry bulk materials such as activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, fluoride, lime, polymers, and specialty chemicals for the reduction of contaminates in the water purification process. Our feeders deliver accurate and consistent material weighing and for quick material discharge our bulk bag unloaders are the perfect choice. Where high usage rates are required, we have a wide selection of pneumatic conveying systems that provide reliable transportation of raw materials.

A wide range of feeding technologies that include volumetric and gravimetric configurations, low feed rates to high feed rates and precise feeding accuracies guarantee the delivery of materials for the reduction of contaminates in the water treatment process.

  • Volumetric or gravimetric configurations
  • Quick and easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance
  • Handle a wide range of bulk solid chemicals
  • Feed rates from .0000017 to 1,100 ft³ per hour

Pneumatic conveying technologies
Pneumatic conveying has fewer moving parts and greater flexibility for plants with changing needs. Enclosed pipelines virtually eliminate degradation of the product into smaller particles that can present a dust hazard. Pneumatic conveying also integrates filtration while delivering materials to their destination.

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems operate on the principle that the solids will be suspended in the conveying line air stream. This is accomplished by metering product into a moving air stream.

Benefits of dilute phase pneumatic conveying:
  • Totally enclosed system
  • Smaller footprint
  • Significantly minimized degradation
  • Few moving parts
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Lower maintenance costs

Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems operate at smaller air volumes and higher air pressures. Materials are pulsed through the convey lines and are ideal systems for handling easily damaged or porous products.

Benefits of dense phase pneumatic conveying:
  • Minimal product breakage
  • Allows for greater system flexibility
  • Reduces plant footprint
  • Low horsepower requirement

Bulk Bag Unloading
The SacMaster® bulk bag discharge system has a modular design that provides flexible positioning to meet many process requirements. A patented agitation system allows the SacMaster® to empty even the most difficult bulk solids from bulk bags of all types and sizes.

  • Posi-flow agitation to eliminate material bridging and promote full bag emptying
  • Two agitation and two pivoting paddles for full bag support
  • Modular design for easy system customization and compatibility
  • Dust collection units available for dusty or hazardous materials
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