Loss-in-Weight Feeders in the Food Industry

À la carte solutions

How does the convenience food industry manage to make pasta not only taste like it was made by your local Italian restaurant, but also exactly like the original recipe?

Well, we don’t need to argue about taste. Our developers offer every pasta and noodle manufacturer an à la carte solution with the MechaTron® Loss-in-Weight Feeder.

From pasta to noodle dough – entirely according to taste
Depending on the recipe, to produce noodles, flour is simply processed with water (Italy) or egg (Germany) to make a dough. By adding various additives such as spinach powder or dried tomato pulp, the dough is coloured and enhanced with various flavours during kneading or extruding.

Noodles “by the metre”
The products are continuously fed into the kneader with a flour feeder and Loss-in-Weight feeders for the additives. The noodle mix passes via an extraction screw, is pressed through a matrix and then cut into individual shapes. Up to 2,500 kg/h noodles can be industrially produced in this way – noodles that taste as if they came from your local Italian restaurant.

Food-safe equipment
The following equipment is used: daily bins for flour; filling devices from the storage containers into the weighfeeders; volumetric or gravimetric feeders for flour and the additives; liquid feeding; a kneader for mixing the components; an extraction screw from the kneader via shaping matrices; and a cutting head.

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