Material Handling and Dust Collection for the World’s Most Well-Known Food Brands

    Schenck Process has provided pneumatic conveying, weighing, feeding and dust collection systems to some of the most well-known food companies and their respective brands throughout the world.

    We can handle your raw materials all the way to the packaging line. Our sales and engineering personnel will work with you to select the most appropriate, cost-effective and energy efficient technology for your product. The integrated pneumatic conveying, weighing, feeding and dust collection system solutions we provide eliminate the need for working with multiple suppliers.

    Find out what Schenck Process can do for you. See some of our common food industry applications are shown below.

    • Truck or Railcar loading, unloading & bulk storage systems
    • In-plant transfer systems for major, minor and micro ingredients
    • Minor & micro ingredient scaling systems
    • Continuous dense phase transfer of finished products
    • Dough mixer dust control systems
    • Sugar grinding systems
    • Granulated sugar and dextrose bulk solids handling systems
    • Scaling systems for mixers
    • Low pressure continuous dense phase conveying systems for the nut industry (peanuts, almonds, pecans, etc.).
    • Flour, grit and grain handling systems for cereal production
    • Plant controls systems upgrades
    • Plant dust control systems
    • Flour sifting, storage and mixer transfer systems
    • Corn cleaning systems
    • Whole-kernel corn continuous dense phase systems
    • Popcorn continuous dense phase systems
    • Corn receiving, storage, transfer and scaling systems
    • Malt, grit and grain handling systems for breweries
    • Liquid storage, scaling and transfer systems
    • Corn handling systems for tortilla manufacturing
    • Snack food reject transfer systems
    • Closed loop N2 and CO2 systems
    • Corn meal storage and transfer to extrusion
    • Dilute and dense phase handling systems for green, roasted, and ground coffee
    • Green coffee bean unloading, cleaning & storage
    • Ingredient handling and scaling systems for manufacturing chewing gum
    • Citric acid, malto dextrin, dextrose, sugar and starch handling for candy plants
    • Flour drying convey systems
    • Pasta trim and reclaim transfer systems
    • Roasted coffee dense and dilute phase transfer systems
    • Feeding cellulose in cheese processing to reduce sticking
    • Feeding vitamins into cereal for FDA compliance
    • Feeding flour into continuous dough manufacturing
    • Feeding seasonings into enrobers for coating snacks
    • Feeding powdered sugars and other dry components into confections