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To introduce forces to measuring equipment, load cells need suitable supports and guides. They must ensure the central, axial and torque-free introduction of forces into the running axles.
Different supports and guides are used to prevent traverse or lateral forces.

The (load cell) guide also protects against lateral forces. It allows the weighed system to be coupled horizontally. Guides are essential especially in the case of hopper scales which are subjected to tangential forces caused by stirring processes.

This is the case with elastomer mounts and pendulum mounts. Horizontal limit stops should be integrated for safety reasons. Additional lifting locks are installed due to the risk of tipping.

Exception: In practice, complete weighing modules demonstrate their effectiveness well. Due to the well-engineered system, no guide is required here. Lateral forces distort the elastomer in parallel. It centres automatically as soon as there is no more lateral force. As a result the bumper restricts the motion clearance. The lifting lock prevents lifting.