To introduce forces to measuring equipment, load cells need suitable supports. They must ensure the central, axial and torque-free introduction of forces into the running axles. Different supports are used to prevent traverse or lateral forces.

Incidentally, the supports listed here differ from the typical supports used for example in buildings constructions. Standard supports such as fixed bearings, tilt bearings and joint bearings are not suitable as load cell bearings. These supports may only be used to additionally secure the container in the case of simple measurements.

The field of application of the load cell bearings is far more complex. In simple terms, they enable, for example, the weighed system to be moved horizontally.

This movement is limited to a permissible horizontal displacement in each case. Depending on the permissible horizontal displacement, different support variants are used and include elastomer mounts, pendulum mounts, multi-ball bearings and supports with a conical tip/seat.

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