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Mass flow measuring devices are used to continuously record, regulate and feed large volumes of bulk materials. Using the Coriolis principle, a unique principle for measuring bulk materials, they directly and quickly record measurements.

The principle of the Coriolis force is based on a law of nature and governed by the Earth’s rotation and resultant centrifugal force. This is described in more detail in the linked article on the Coriolis force.

With regard to bulk materials, the Coriolis force follows exactly the same principle: when the bulk material encounters a rotating measuring wheel, simulating the Earth’s movement, use can be made of the resulting centrifugal force. This transports the bulk material particles outwards on the guide blades. The wheel now experiences the same effect as e.g. air streams passing over the Earth: as speed increases in circumferential direction, the bulk material is subject to the Coriolis force, which can be recorded as an observable quantity. In reality, this principle even functions as the bulk material weight changes and with different grain sizes. It is measured in proportion to the gravimetric feed rate.

The great accuracy of legal-for-trade data recorded is astounding. The MULTICOR® R from Schenck Process measures material flow, for example, at an accuracy of 0.5 percent and higher.

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