The Schenck Process SacMaster® bulk bag unloader is designed completely empty bulk bags. When the bag is full of material, dual-pivot paddles push against the bottom of the bag to break material bridged over the outlet as well as agitate the sides of the bag near the spout, stimulating material movement. As the bag empties, the air cylinders push the paddles further toward the center of the bag until a proximity sensor located on one of the air cylinders determines that the bag is near empty. The proximity sensor holds the air cylinders in the extended position to empty the bag corners while continuing to pulse the bottom of the bag. This facilitates a smooth flow of material from the bag, eliminating waste and improving process efficiency. The entire bag including corners and spout are emptied. There are several preprogrammed agitation control settings that do not require an operator to set up timers and switches.

The SacMaster® is perfect for emptying bulk bags containing titanium dioxide, sugar, calcium carbonate, cocoa powder, and a wide range of other bulk materials.

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