AccuRate® is a volumetric feeder from Schenck Process. With a feed rate of between around 0.1l/h and 8000I/h, it is used for continuous feeding, batching and preparation of mixes.

Suitable for: bulk materials with a grain size of up to 10 mm; bulk materials which are added to or removed from processes.

Job: to add additives, to feed compounders and prepare mixes.

Volumetric feeding

Volumetric feeders supply a certain volume of material per unit of time. Known volume units of a particular material are used for the volumetric measurement and the material is transferred to a mass-based discharge using scanned calibration. Feeding is changed by adapting the auger speed.

Unlike gravimetric feeding, volumetric feeding does not determine mass using weight.

Volumetric feeders cannot detect fluctuations in material density. Deviating speeds of discharge are not taken into account.

Decision time:

Volumetric or gravimetric? Volumetric feeders provide the desired accuracy for materials the density of which does not vary greatly.

Materials which do vary greatly can be more accurately determined with gravimetric feeding. Gravimetric feeding allows the product mass flow to be checked and logged, thereby guaranteeing greater accuracy with large fluctuations in material density. By determining the weight of the mass flow, the feeder’s output can be adapted with precision, achieving and maintaining the desired result.

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