IMPORTANT MESSAGE - DISOCONT® Tersus / INTECONT® Tersus and Satus: Outputs Frozen


Please be informed that, due to a software fault, the controller’s software may not continue to update the physical outputs of the controller if the controller has had a continuous voltage supplied to it for a period longer than 200 days.

If this problem occurs while the feeder is running, the machine will continue to run until the power supply to the controller is shut down. In this fault condition it seems all other functions of the controller will continue to perform as expected. As example in case of a normal stop command or alarm is issued, the controller will indicate that the machine has stopped even though the equipment continues to operate.

Depending on the respective application, the above-mentioned condition may cause incorrect feeding and present a risk to personnel and/or property.

The following software versions contain the above-mentioned fault:

  • VLW 20172-002 (released 2016-11-24) to VLW 20172-005
  • VWF 20172-001 (released 2017-08-11)
  • VMC 20172-001 (released 2018-03-05) and VMC 20172-002
  • VIO 20170-006 (released 2018-01-23)
  • VMC 20650-002 (released 2018-11-15)
  • VBW 20790 -013 (released 2018-05-04)

Please note that your controller may be affected even if it has been placed in operation before the relevant release dates listed above. This will be the case if there has been an update to your controller with one of the listed software versions after initial installation.

You can / will find instructions for determining the software version of your controller on this page on the right-hand-side download section.

If you have resold a referenced controller or equipment containing a referenced controller, you are kindly instructed to inform your customers accordingly.

As an immediate measure to avoid any risk associated with this fault condition, we advice you switching off the power supply of the affected controller/s as soon as possible, and ensure that there is no power to the controller for at least 30 seconds.

After cycling the power supply and restarting, the controller will work as expected for a period of approximately 200 days without any restrictions. With each subsequent cycling of the power supply (per the instructions provided above), the controller will continue to work for another 200 days without fault.

In order to fully resolve the software fault, it is necessary to update the controller software.

Step-by-step instructions for updating your controller software are / will be available on this page on the right-hand-side download section.

We would kindly request that you respond to Schenck Process once your controller software has been successfully updated. Please use the following email address:, and include the following information in the subject line of your email.

Frozen electronics

You will find the Schenck Process Order No. on your Order Confirmation sheet (e.g. Number 5000123456) or on the respective Delivery Note (e.g. Order 5000123456).

Please provide us your feedback with the following information:

  • Type of Controller (e.g., DISOCONT® Tersus)
  • Serial number of the machine which is connected to the controller (e.g., V123456.A01)
  • Name and contact data of your contact person

Please note that the above-mentioned email address ( is not suitable for any kind of queries or questions.

We will update our website when we have further information related to this fault. Please visit our website frequently for news and technical information updates as they are made available.

For any further question please contact your local Schenck Process service department. You can also reach us using the following contact information:

In Europe/Asia:
Phone: +49 6151 1531 2323

In North/South America:
Phone: +1 800 588 0184

In Australien:
WA/SA: +61 8 9494 6777
NSW/VIC/TAS: +61 2 9043 8400
QLD/NT: +61 7 4930 1400

Contrary to first presumptions, our software SHAKE CONTROL and our DISOMAT® Opus are not affected by this software failure!

Please be informed that the described remedial actions may be subject to import and export control laws and regulations. Please ensure by appropriate measures to comply with and abide by import and export control laws and regulations.

This infopage will be updated constantly.

Thank you for your attention