CONiQ Control

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  • Intuitive Operation reduces operator failures
  • Web-based User interface for easy access without a specific software or app
  • Modular Structure: Buy only the required features
  • Easy System Integration via one of the common field bus connectivities

It is already released.

1 - 2 weeks

Please contact us to receive an individual quotation. We are looking forward to receiving your enquiry.

It depends on the impedance of the load cells. The resistance has to be >35 Ohm. Means you can connect up to 9x 350 Ohm load cells like our PWS or up to 120x 4450 Ohm load cells like our RTN series.

Currently CONiQ® Control supports only one load cell channel.

100 ... 240 VAC (-15%, +10%) or 24 VDC (-7%, +12%)

-30 ... 50 °C

In case of panel mounting the front reaches IP65. The plastic enclosure has IP54 protection and the steinless steel housing will also reach IP65.

Later there will be an edition without display that can be mounted either in a field housing in the field close to the scale or on DIN rail inside the contol cubicle (similar to DISOCONT® Tersus). Additionally there will be suitable displays as operator panels.

Not yet. If we see the necessity we would implement such a functionality.

At the moment CONiQ® Control can be used for hopper scales (filling level measurement), crane scales, truck scales and cargo scales. In the first Step CONiQ® Control replaces DISOMAT® Opus. Loss-in-weight feeder, belt scales, weighfeeders and further applications will follow within the next years to replace the DISOMAT, DISOBOX, INTECONT and DISOCONT families step by step.

Yes, CONiQ® Control is approved as a non-automatic weighing instrument for legal-for-trade scales (class III) with up to 6000 digits. The approval is valid in Europe. US approval (NTEP) is on the way.

Yes, but the controller needs to be installed in safe (non-hazardous) area. An edition for mounting in ATEX area 3D (Zone 22) is planned.

Not yet. These features will be released in summer 2021

No, CONiQ® Control is not designed to be a second display or operator panel for other controller types. There will be a multi-channel version of CONiQ® Control (Successor DISOBOX® Plus) later - also with remote display.

We support at present:

  • Profibus
  • ProfiNet
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Devicenet

For more details we refer to the datasheet.

OPC-UA is currently in the development team. We plan to have a test implementation end of Q1/2021.

No. You can also connect via cable but a wireless connection via WIFI-module is often more comfortable.

CONiQ® Control creates an own WIFI-network for end-to-end connection. You do not need access to the customer's network.

CONiQ® Control has 4 slots for I/O-modules and one for field bus connectivity. One I/O-slot is required for the load cell channel card. Besides the fieldbus slot remain 3 slots for I/O's. The total amount of I/O's depends on the configuration. You can have up to 9 AO and 6 AI or 18 DI and 12 DOs - but not at the same time.

The logical functions which is available as an in- or output depend on the activated weighing application. The physical assignment of the available signals to the existing I/O's can be configured individually.

We are working on an integrated Soft-PLC. This will allow you to write your own IEC 61131 control SW. Feature is planned for release middle of 2021

Not yet. If you have such a requirement please contact us and we will evaluate what is possible.

Not yet. Responsive design for bigger screens is planned.

Not at present. We support e.g. kyrillic and other European layouts, chinese is planned - arabic at present not.

You do not need a specific software to configure CONiQ® Control. You just need one of the common browsers on the device which is connected with the controller. Please note that we do not support Internet Explorer.

Yes. We recommend to use a phone with operating system Android or iOS.

CONiQ® Control can also be used in combination with DISOVIEW X und DISOSAVE X. So a PC-Software does already exist.

As soon as you enter the parameter in the system.

Theoretically unlimited - there will certainly be limitations due to performance but we have not seen them so far.

As long as the weight is not registered, you can move back in the weighing sequence.




Not yet.

Not yet.