Safety is at our core

At Schenck Process the safety of our people, customers, contractors and visitors is of utmost importance. Our journey toward zero harm starts with each of us, from the time that we get to work until we go home. It’s all about staying safe and injury free every day, so that we can continue to enjoy the things that matter most in our lives.

At the heart of our ambition to achieve zero harm is the belief that all incidents and injuries are preventable. Our Cardinal Commitments focus on the high risk activities that contribute to the majority of workplace fatalities.

These commitments apply to everyone working at or on behalf of Schenck Process.

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Hazard, injury & incident reporting

Hazard, injury & incident reporting

I will report all hazards, injuries and incidents immediately.

I will report all near misses immediately to my manager/supervisor.

I will provide witness and evidence statements where required.

I will confirm that an incident has been reported even though I might not be directly involved.

I will encourage my co-workers to comply with this cardinal commitment.

Fitness for work

Fitness for work

I will not report to work, or I will stop work immediately if I suspect that I am fatigued, and this will have an impact on my work or decision making.

I will not report for work if I suspect that I may be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.

I will alert my manager/supervisor immediately if I have any concerns regarding my own fitness to work, including feeling fatigued.

I will speak up if I notice someone is showing signs of fatigue or mental stress.

I will report to my manager/supervisor if I suspect someone is working under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I will ensure that any medication is taken in accordance with medical practitioner and/or manufacturer’s recommendations.

I will notify my Manager/ Supervisor of any medication I am taking which could affect my safety performance at work through the appropriate process.

Suspended loads

Suspended loads

I will ensure that I or any other persons never enters the drop zone associated with a suspended load.

I will establish exclusion zones, including barriers where applicable, before commencing work associated with a suspended load.

I will never leave a suspended load unattended.

I will never cross a barrier controlling an area with a suspended load without authorisation.

I will comply with all instructions given by persons involved in a lifting operation.

I will maintain positive communications with all persons in the work area when I am involved in lifting operations.

I will immediately notify my manager/supervisor if I encounter an unattended suspended load and ensure the area remains clear until the load has been lowered to the ground.

Isolation of plant and equipment

Isolation of plant and equipment

I will familiarise myself and comply with the relevant isolation requirements for each site.

I will never work on plant/equipment without ensuring effective isolation in accordance with both work site and Schenck Process procedures.

I will ensure that all energy sources that can cause harm have been isolated at the source with my personal danger lock and tag (if applicable) and stored energy released.

I will only isolate plant/equipment for which I am suitably trained, competent and authorised.

I will never remove another person’s isolation unless authorised.

I will communicate with the relevant personnel and ensure all guards and safety systems have been reinstated before isolation is removed.

I will review and sign onto and off the designated isolation permit where applicable.



I will ensure that I operate any vehicle under my control, including forklifts, in a safe and responsible manner that complies with all road and site traffic rules.

I will maintain license requirements and ensure I have the authority to operate applicable vehicles.

I will follow journey management requirements.

I will perform all required pre-operation inspections and check the vehicle is properly maintained, roadworthy and safe to operate.

I will adjust my driving to suit the road and weather conditions.

I will comply with the Chain of Responsibility requirements when transporting items in any company vehicle.

I will only use approved hands-free operation for mobile phones or other devices while operating a vehicle.

I will ensure all occupants are wearing seat belts before operating a vehicle.

I will not smoke or allow passengers to smoke in a vehicle under my control.

Plant & mobile equipment

Plant & mobile equipment

I will never operate any plant or mobile equipment unless I am deemed competent and authorised to operate it.

I will never remove or enter an exclusion zone without authorisation.

I will take appropriate steps to ensure plant and mobile equipment cannot operate inadvertently or be controlled by unauthorised persons.

I will always obtain permission from the operator and ensure equipment is stationary before approaching the exclusion zone of mobile equipment.

I will hold a current and correct class of high-risk work license where required.

I will never use a mobile phone or unauthorised device while operating plant and mobile equipment.

Exclusion zones

Exclusion zones

I will never remove or enter an exclusion zone without authorisation.

I will ensure barricades are effectively erected where applicable including information tags detailing the reason for their erection, the nature of the hazard and the person responsible for erecting and maintaining the barricade.

I will ensure that I understand and adhere to site requirements for exclusion zones.

I will ensure that barricaded areas are not accessed unless the conditions detailed in the barricade sign or tags are complied with.

I will understand and respect intangible exclusion zones associated with different types of mobile equipment.

I will ensure that barricades in my work area are in good condition.

I will ensure that I am wearing PPE appropriate to the identified hazard(s) as detailed on the information tag and/or signage before entering an exclusion zone.

Safety devices

Safety devices

I will never tamper with or disable a safety device or its function.

I will confirm that safety devices are installed and functioning correctly on any equipment that I am required to operate.

I will ensure that safety devices are installed and undamaged by conducting a pre-start check prior to operating plant/equipment.

I will not operate plant/equipment if guarding or safety devices have been removed or disabled. I will never remove/modify guards or override safety devices, including machine guard interlocks, on any plant/equipment that I am required to operate.

I will reinstate any guard or safety device that I have removed or disabled for a specifically authorised maintenance or commissioning activity.

I will notify my supervisor/manager immediately if I identify a safety device or guard that has been damaged, removed or modified.

Working at heights

Working at heights

I will never work at any height where there is a risk of injury from falling without a safe system of work including applicable PPE.

I will only work at heights if all other ways of performing the task have been ruled out.

I will ensure platforms, scaffolds and other temporary structures are only constructed and maintained by competent and authorised persons.

I will ensure all equipment is properly positioned and secured to ensure work can be carried out safely at heights (e.g. stable, brakes engaged and at the right angle).

I will ensure that there is a person spotting who can initiate an emergency response if required.

I will ensure that all working at heights equipment is tested, tagged and in good condition.

I will ensure tools and work materials are properly secured to prevent risk of dropped objects.

Confined spaces

Confined spaces

I will ensure that I understand what defines a confined space.

I will not enter a confined space unless I am trained, competent and authorised to undertake work in a confined space.

I will ensure all work in a confined space is planned and documented, including the completion of Job Safety Analysis or comparable document.

I will confirm a rescue plan is in place.

I will ensure that a confined space permit has been obtained and authorised prior to commencing work.

I will confirm that the stand-by person is in position prior to entering the confined space and they are trained, competent and authorised to conduct their role.

I will use all necessary PPE as defined by the risk assessment or site policy for each confined space.

I will confirm that the atmosphere has been tested, where required by site policy or risk assessment, and is monitored by a competent person using a suitable and correctly calibrated gas detector.

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