future lab at Schenck Process

At Schenck Process exist the future lab to augment traditional research and development.

The future lab brings together competencies from the most diverse areas of the business, with the ongoing task of thinking things further, in greater depth. The intention is to develop creative ideas and then turn them quickly into reality.

In doing so, the Schenck Process future lab also relies on interaction with customers, since it does not regard innovation as an end in itself, but rather innovates with the intention of generating added value for the organizations it serves.

However, the Schenck Process future lab is much more than just a physical location. It brings together a creative working environment with a culture of openness and dialog between employees, internal and external parties, visionaries and entrepreneurs. In Europe and, soon, the whole world.

Of course, not every idea will be successful, so making mistakes is not only permitted but absolutely necessary. In the future lab, the boldness to take unusual approaches and try new things is rewarded and even demanded. The Schenck Process future lab has just one thing in mind: delivering additional value for our customers.

Both Andreas Evertz, former President & CEO, and Jan Krall, who jointly brought the future lab into being, embrace the objectives of generating added value, profiting from a variety of viewpoints and experiences, and treading new paths – also by means of collaboration across different generations.