INTECONT® Opus offers user friendliness and precision in the 0.5 accuracy class

What would weighing and feeding technology be without precise analysis systems? The answer is obvious – and Schenck Process, the global market leader in measuring and process technology, is regularly spurred on to deliver the best performance in this area.

Schenck Process has successfully produced another such highlight with the development of the INTECONT® Opus especially for legal-for-trade belt scales, which has just been launched. It replaces the INTECONT® PLUS for legal-for-trade belt scales that have been used for evaluation electronics in Germany and other countries for many years. The level of proven quality is once again raised in the INTECONT® Opus. In comparison with its predecessor, it offers impressive state-of-the-art technology, as it is based on the ultra modern ARM9-based processor platform. This is yet another major advancement in measuring technology, because approval for the new product not only includes the previous 1 and 2 accuracy classes when
appropriately combined with Schenck Process belt scale mechanics, but also the most demanding class 0.5 in accordance with EC Directive 2004/22/EC, which means that it is recognised in all EU member states.

As well as absolute precision, INTECONT® Opus also boasts a high level of operating convenience. It is operated by simply using the ergonomic keyboard. The luminous clear text display is not affected by glare and therefore allows the results to be read with ease at all times.

The INTECONT® Opus is available in the form of a panel-mounting unit (VEG) or as a stainless steel device for on-site installation (VKG). The field buses Modbus, PROFIBUS DPV0, DeviceNet or Ethernet are available for connection to the automation systems. Legal-for-trade registration can be carried out using an alibi printer or an external calibration memory (VEG model) and also using an internal calibration memory (VKG model).
The dongle concept and the electronic calibration memory used in the device are yet more decisive benefits of the INTECONT® Opus VKG. In the event of errors, a rapid and cost-effective solution is possible: all the components in the device can be replaced without the need for readjustment or re-calibration.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Compact evaluation electronics for legal-for-trade belt scales
  • 0.5 / 1 / 2 accuracy classes in accordance with EC Directive 2004/22/EC
    (OIML R50; DIN8132)
  • Two models: VEG, VKG
  • Replacement of all components without the need for re-calibration (VKG model)
  • Integrated display and control panel
  • High level of operating convenience, automatic adjustment programme
  • Field bus interfaces