Projects Commercial Manager

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We are looking for a committed Projects Commercial Manager

Projects Commercial Manager


As Projects Commercial Manager, you’ll work closely with the Projects team to administer on-going contracts and achieve compliance with contract documents by ensuring their requirements are implemented and maintained.  More specifically--

  • Develop and implement procedures for contract management and administration in compliance with company policy.
  • Administer and monitor on-going contracts, achieving compliance with these documents by ensuring all requirements are implemented and maintained.
  • Provide support in the drafting of subcontracts for design or engineering services, administering prime contracts and flow downs to subcontractors, task orders, and modifications, as well as administering and overseeing contract performance by monitoring compliance documents, schedules, deliverables, and requirements.
  • In support of the Project management team, prepare and maintain the project change order log, prepare change orders, and assist the project managers in negotiations.
  • Prepare correspondence and maintain records necessary to ensure the effective administration of all contractual matters, plus prepare, negotiate, and administer any contract changes, or amendments to contractual documents as required.
  • Provide support to the project and legal departments on defense of claims, including preparation of change order and claim logs.
  • Assist the project manager in contract close-out activities to ensure all terms and conditions of contracts have been met prior to final payment to contractor.
  • Ensure all warranties, bonds, insurances, guarantees, and similar documentations are in place, maintained, and updated in accordance with the contract and are in compliance with the client's requirements.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelors’ Degree in Engineering, Construction Management, similar or equivalent experience.
  • Professional experience administering contracts with a major engineering firm, contractor, or law firm in the areas of engineering and construction contracts.
  • Demonstrated ability to operate under a degree of autonomy.
  • Ability to directly negotiate Contractual matters with subcontractors and receive guidance/approval from project management or legal counsel.
  • Proven track record in the design-build and/or EPC industry.

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Schenck Process LLC is a Equal Opportunity Employer

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