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    Components Catalog
    The Evolution of a Dynamic Brand

    Solutions for cement, gypsum, bulk material handling and filtration.

    Cement industry
    Pneumatic conveying for the cement and gypsum industries
    Sustainable cement production
    IntraBulk bulk reception unit
    MoveMaster® en-masse conveying & elevating
    MoveMaster® chain conveyors
    Industrial air filters
    TEDO conveyors
    LOGiQ®: Save time and money by automating logistics


    MULTIRAIL® Technology. Measuring, checking, monitoring and sand filling.
    MultiTrain® Technology (U.S. Version)
    SandPiper - Train & Tram Sand Filling Solutions
    MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad
    MULTIRAIL® HotMetalWeight
    MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight
    RailTec solutions

    Solutions for chemicals, food, pet food, pharmaceuticals and plastics.

    CD IBS Light Products
    Order CD
    Competence in Fertiliser Industry
    Food Industry Capabilities
    Grain industry
    Grain Industry Capabilities
    Pharmaceutical industry
    Pet food Industry Capabilities
    Plastics Industry Capabilities
    Maximum accuracy for stringent requirements
    Solutions in Bulk Material Handling Systems
    Precision Rotary Airlocks and Diverter Valves
    Fill-level measuring devices and bin weighers
    FulFiller® C
    Hygienic Process Solutions
    Industrial air filters
    LOGiQ®: Save time and money by automating logistics
    MechaTron® Precise Feeding Solutions (U.S. Version)
    MoveMaster® chain conveyors
    MoveMaster® en-masse conveying & elevating
    MoveMaster® Vac
    Precise Weighing and Feeding Equipment
    ProFlex® C
    TEDO conveyors
    CleanLine Supplied Air Extruder Negative Airlift System

    Solutions for coal, iron ore, steel, nf metals, sand & gravel.

    Competence in mining industries
    Expertise in steel
    Pneumatic conveying for iron & steel and non-ferrous production plants
    Enduro isolation springs
    Screenex® screening media
    Screen Rebuild Program
    Train loader (TLO) – economic loading
    LinaClass® screens
    Industrial air filters
    Pentec - Revestimientos de molinos
    Soluções em materiais antidesgaste e serviços
    TEDO conveyors
    LOGiQ®: Save time and money by automating logistics

    Solutions for coal- and biomass-fired power plants, electric utility and process industries.

    Reliable solutions for power generation
    Capabilities of Stock
    Coal and Limestone Feed Systems
    Material Handling Solutions
    Forry® ESP products
    ESP Services
    Industrial air filters
    TEDO conveyors

    Solutions for spare parts, service and components.

    Service & Process Solutions - We enable optimism
    The Original Dome Valve Range
    Drop forged chain
    RoCon® Series 6
    Tidal Series 5
    Screen Rebuild Program
    PASS - Process Advanced Service System
    Fill-level measuring devices and bin weighers
    Repairs and modernization
    Parts and Components Catalog North America
    Components Catalog