Pet Food Industry

The pet food industry has long searched for methods to control the movement of ingredients through to the manufacture of the finished product and from process to packaging in a reliable, inexpensive, maintenance-free system that yields little or no breakage.

Schenck Process provides a range of pneumatic and mechanical conveying solutions, bulk material feeders and process controls for the world’s most recognizable pet food brands. With a vast amount of experience in the pet food industry, Schenck Process is able to provide process solutions based on the company’s core technologies and can advise and design the most suitable arrangement of equipment to improve the efficiency and production rates of most processes.

Aware of the need to produce the highest quality product together with minimal product degradation, the elimination of inefficiencies and ensuring product safety, Schenck Process can tailor the solution provided to the specific requirements of the client and the installation.

Examples of recent installations for the Pet Food industry include:
  • Truck or Railcar unloading and bulk storage systems of meal
  • In-plant transfer systems for major, minor and micro ingredients
  • Plant controls system upgrades
  • Plant dust control systems
  • Hammermill aspiration, convey and dust control
  • Scaling systems for blenders and extruders
  • Coatings handling systems
  • Continuous dense phase transfer of finished products
  • Emissions control systems for dryers and coolers
  • Feeding of majors, minors and dry palatants
  • Off-spec product reclaim and remill systems
  • Extruder negative airlifts
  • Odor abatement

The range of technologies available from Schenck Process includes the following:

E-finity Low Pressure Continuous Dense Phase (LPCDP) Pneumatic Conveying systems deliver the least amount of airflow to convey the product with minimal degradation. The system is configured to have a smooth and lip-free connection on tube joints, diverters that reduce cross contamination and provide a smooth, full bore divert and the product is slowed to slide into the termination bin for a gentle landing.

MechaTron® Feeders are perfectly suited to handle a wide range of volumetric or gravimetric feeding applications. With the unique feature of complete disassembly from the non-process side, users can quickly clean, reconfigure or service the feeder. Sanitary 3-A models of the MechaTron® are also available. The MechTron is perfectly suited for feeding majors, minors and dry palatants.

MoveMaster® Chain Conveyors for the movement of bulk grain supplies from delivery vehicles into storage silos. The chain conveyors have a high tensile strength to handle a large volume of material together in a reliable and efficient manner with minimal maintenance requirements.

MULTIDOS® DEA Open Frame Weighbelts are designed specifically for sanitary pet food and food processes. A tool-less, rapid belt removal for frequent cleaning cycles, an IP69K stainless steel load cell manufactured to withstand high pressure spray, a shaft mounted, wash-down drive system for simple power transmission, and product contact surfaces with 316 stainless steel make it ideal for sanitary weighing and feeding applications.

MULTICOR® Mass Flow Meter’s accuracy, low profile, and dust tight solution make it ideal for extruder milled grain metering. Designed with a drive shaft and partitioned measuring wheel, the MULTICOR applies the science of Coriolis technology by accelerating the raw materials and their resultant forces to accurately measure flow rate.

ModuPlasma™ is an odor abatement system that uses direct treatment, which means the emission is led through the energy field, in opposition to other plasma solutions, where ozone is injected into the emission. This direct treatment results in oxidation 1 to 10 million times faster than in nature. Quick results and done in an environmentally safe manner.

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