Feeding of Sorbent Materials for Environmental Control Systems

Stock® is an expert in pneumatic conveying and injection technologies that have been applied to a large number of locations worldwide. Together with the comprehensive range of products from the Schenck Process Group, the company can provide products that can be used for reducing mercury, SOX, and HCl emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Stock® has gravimetric feeders and pneumatic system components that can feed powdered material such as:
  • Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) for mercury reduction
  • Sodium bicarbonate for SO2 and HCl reduction
  • Trona for SO2/SO3 and HCl reduction
  • Hydrated lime for SO3 and HCl reduction

The gravimetric feeders can feed material with an accuracy of +/- 0.5%. The standard turndown ratio is 10:1, and higher ratios are possible. The feeders can weigh and feed material with rates as low as a few pounds to many tons per hour.

Systems capitalize on all the assets of pneumatic conveying: Simplicity, Reliability and Flexibility.

Equipment that is commonly used for these applications include:
  • MechaTron® loss-in-weight feeders
  • Vent filters
  • Rotary airlocks
  • Inlet T’s
  • Vent Hoppers
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