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Solutions for the dairy industry

Whether we are conveying whey powder or feeding small amounts of additives, our experienced staff will work with you to select the most appropriate, cost-effective and energy efficient technology for your dairy manufacturing process. We deliver all types of pneumatic conveying technologies and have a complete selection of dust collection, feeding, sifting, mixing and milling solutions to solve your toughest bulk material handling challenges.

Pneumatic conveying technologies
Pneumatic conveying has fewer moving parts and greater flexibility for plants with changing needs. Enclosed pipelines protect the material from contamination and virtually eliminate degradation of the product into smaller particles that can present a dust hazard. Pneumatic conveying also integrates filtration while delivering materials to their destination.

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems operate on the principle that the solids will be suspended in the conveying line air stream. This is accomplished by metering product into a moving air stream.

Benefits of dilute phase pneumatic conveying:

  • Totally enclosed system
  • Smaller footprint
  • Significantly minimized degradation
  • Few moving parts
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Lower maintenance costs

Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems operate at smaller air volumes and higher air pressures. Materials are pulsed through the convey lines and are ideal systems for handling easily damaged or porous products.

Benefits of dense phase pneumatic conveying:

  • Improves sanitary conditions and housekeeping
  • Minimal product breakage
  • Allows for greater system flexibility
  • Reduces plant footprint
  • Low horsepower requirement

Dust collection
It is important that dairy processing facilities employ dust collection systems that are uniquely designed according to plant specifications and also have the benefits of:

  • Limiting emissions
  • Being specifically designed for ease of maintenance
  • Accounting for critical moisture concerns in the environment
  • Including cleanout or inspection opening in ductwork

Precise feeding
The MechaTron® feeder features the unique ability to disassemble, clean, reconfigure or service from the non-process side. Offered in three model sizes with either a Coni-Flex™ flexible hopper or in all stainless steel, the MechaTron®’s versatility makes it a favorite for dairy processors.

  • Feed rates from 0.057 to 32,160 liters per hour
  • Conical mass flow hopper design
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning and servicing
  • 3-A approved models available

Material sifting
The Kek Centrifugal Sifters are ideal for sifting and processing powders and granules in gravity and inline installations for applications that include:

Policing – Check sieving and removal of foreign contaminants
Scalping – Check sieving and removal of oversize products
Classification – Separating of two fractions at a specific screen size
Deagglomeration – Breaking of soft lumps into powders
Dedusting – Removal of ‘fines’ from feed products
Liquid Straining – Removal of excess liquid from solid product by straining through the sifter screen
Product Dressing & Conditioning – Final dressing and conditioning of powder mixes to ensure optimum end product quality.

Mixing and blending
An extensive range of Gardner Mixers and Blenders for powder handling include the following:

  • Ribbon Mixers – perfect for small batch applications
  • Plow Mixers – high energy, high shear, high speed mixer designed to cut mix times down to a few seconds
  • Vertical Mixers – fast, accurate and suited to mixing free flowing, heat sensitive or fragile products
  • Double Cone Blender – provides superior blending of free-flowing powders and granules

Cone mills
Kek Cone Mills are low energy and versatile mills for the gentle, intermediate grinding and deagglomeration of powders and granules.

  • Gentle grinding action to minimize fines
  • Low heat generation when milling fatty and sticky products
  • Compact design for limited space installations
  • Highly efficient with virtually all energy input utilized in the size reduction process

Hygienic equipment manufacture
As a commitment to our customers Schenck Process has dedicated a complete manufacturing location to the production of stainless steel equipment. Located in Whitewater, Wisconsin the plant is completely free of carbon steel manufacturing eliminating the potential for corrosion.

The US Dairy 3-A sanitary standard and European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) guidelines for certain human food production require food producers to use equipment that protects food from contamination, can be mechanically cleaned on all surfaces, and can be dismantled easily for manual cleaning or inspection. The guidelines set benchmarks for suitable materials used in the production of food for human consumption. Primarily, because of its corrosion resistance and durability compared with most other materials available, stainless steel is by far the preferred material for fabricating food equipment.

A full line of stainless steel hygienic equipment is manufactured at the Whitewater, Wisconsin facility. Those products include feeders, weighbelts, bag dump stations, cyclones, filter receivers and dust collectors.

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