Pulverized Coal Injection System

    Continuous pneumatic injection

    At Schenck Process, we provide full-turn-key systems for efficient, continuous pneumatic injection of granular or pulverized coal, directly to a blast furnace.

    Through extensive experience in research and testing, design, engineered development and installation, we are capable of supplying an end-to-end continuous injection coal system, which offers not only cost-savings, but also operational improvements. These benefits range from smoother furnace operation, faster driving rates and higher productivity.

    Why inject coal?

    • Provides higher coal injection rates, compared with oil, or natural gas, thereby resulting in higher coke replacement rates, for given blast conditions
    • Improves furnace productivity and fuel rate. In comparison to other injectants, coal injection allows utilisation of higher blast temperatures
    • Coal allows higher rates of oxygen to be used to increase productivity
    • Coal injection results in smoother blast furnace operation, with less hanging and slipping compared with coke operation

    System layout

    Download our process flow diagram HERE (Grinding_PCI_Integration PDF), to see an example of a complete system layout, designed by Schenck Process.

    The diagram includes systems such as:

    Commercial benefits and considerations for injecting coal

    • Injected coal is considerably cheaper than metallurgical coke and can replace coke on an almost 1:1 basis
    • Coke is more expensive. The limited availability of coke, as a result of environmental conditions, has forced it’s price to continually rise
    • Injected coal is more economical than other tuyere injectants, such as natural gas, oil, etc
    • The payback period for a coal injection plant is typically under 2 years.
    • Long term coal prices are potentially more stable than oil, gas or coke prices
    • Coal reserves are plentiful and geographically widespread – globally
    • A wide range of coal types can be injected including low cost non-coking coals
    • Potential revenue from unutilised coke capacity

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    Flow sheets
    Pulverized Coal Injection Flow Sheet
    Specials / Studies
    Pneumatic Conveying system for Pulverised Coal Injection into Blast Furnaces