Production of Detergents with Highly Concentrated Cleaning

Accurately fed, mixed and extruded

The production of compact, state-of-the-art detergents presents a true challenge to process technology. The homogeneous composition of the detergent requires accurate feeding, mixing and extruding. Only an integrated high-tech processing solution that leaves no room for deviation is capable of achieving such a task.

The process is similar to that of a pasta machine. The master batch is prepared from solid and liquid “components” after the accurate feeding of predetermined “formula” ingredients. This is pressed through a strainer plate at high pressure. This produces noodle-like fibres which are then cut off by rotating knives, and formed, dried and strained. With the help of further ingredients they are then processed to form highly compact detergents with remarkable throughput rates of 15 to 20 t/h.

With the system to the compact end product
Using scales and Me­chaTron® feeding systems, raw materials are fed into the extruder from Bulk Bags and supply silos via conveyor devices. These supply silos are used as temporary storage containers that are filled up as needed by Bulk Bag discharge stations. The raw materials are then passed via the feeding systems to conveying equipment and to the downstream processing stations.

For detergent production – a feeding system for all materials from a single source: Schenck Process.