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    Pneumatic conveying is key to a bulk material handling system. Our range of Clyde Process, Pneumatic Conveying systems, using Dense Phase, are proudly adopted globally and provide dependable, high efficiency performance, whilst being bespoke and engineered, for the processing of bulk materials, in a variety of industries.

    Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying is a method for handling bulk materials, using high pressure and low gas volumes, to efficiently push materials along the bottom of an enclosed pipeline.

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    How Pneumatic Conveying Works:
    Suitable for handling and moving a wide range of materials, including difficult, abrasive products and ranging from fine cohesive powders to wet lump coal, Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying pushes the material along the pipe in a plug form, at relatively low velocities. This means minimal wear on pipes and bends, allowing for minimum maintenance and long life.

    Efficient use of compressed air also gives low power consumption and operating costs, whilst the enclosed pipeline ensures no material escapes and is therefore not wasted. Material is commonly transferred from a single collection point to either a single or multiple reception points.

    Benefits of Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying:

    • Minimum Maintenance
    • Minimal Wear for Long Life
    • Low Operating Costs
    • No Wasted Material

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    Why Schenck Process?
    Schenck Process is home to our Clyde Process, Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying systems and is regarded as one of the world’s leading brands for this technology.

    What differentiates our range of Dense Phase Conveying Systems is our 40 year experience in specialist design and engineering allowing for: Simplicity, Reliability and Flexibility. In nearly all cases, each system is engineered to be bespoke to your requirements.

    Before we embark on any project, we will work with clients to truly understand their process needs, what materials are being handled, investigate the material characteristics and ensure we engineer a system that provides optimum performance and long-life operation.

    • Full consultancy and engineered design
    • Material and process inspection, as well as testing
    • UK, trusted Clyde Process brand, supplied globally
    • Focused on offering efficiency, reducing maintenance and overall operational costs
    • Project management available from start to finish – world wide
    • Service packages and user training available

    Our Dense Phase Conveying systems are available for handling material temperatures up to 450°C and at rates of up to 100 tonnes / hour for distances up to 200 metres. When installed as a full system, it will include various components, including a range of pumps and pressure vessels depending upon the material and distances to be conveyed.

    Applications for Pneumatic Conveying:

    • Activated carbon
    • Batteries, electronics & electrodes
    • Cement & gypsum
    • Ceramics
    • Chemicals
    • Coal & biomass fired power plants and electric utilities
    • Food
    • Grain & agriculture
    • Lime & limestone
    • Mining
    • Plastics
    • Pet food
    • Rail
    • Sand, gravel, pit and quarry
    • Steel and NF metals

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