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Please be informed that, due to a software fault of the controller, the ATEX conformity may not be fully ensured. An additional monitoring module is missing in the faulty software versions, which should stop the system in case of a blockage of the MULTICOR.

The following software versions contain the above-mentioned fault:

  • VMC 20170-001 to VMC 20170-008
  • VMC 20172-001 to VMC 20172-003

The controllers with the faulty software version have been supplied between April 2014 up to and including June 2019 in combination with the feeding system MULTICOR / MULTICELL or as spare part for such feeding systems. Not affected are just these controllers, which were subsequently updated with a newer software version. In case of any doubt about your software version, please check at your controller the actual installed version. Instructions for determining the software version of your controller are available on our website:

If you have resold a referenced controller or equipment containing a referenced controller, you are kindly instructed to inform your customers accordingly.

In order to establish the ATEX conformity of your system, the software update is mandatory. To use the additional monitoring function we strongly recommend you to update the software, even if you do not need the ATEX conformity.

A step-by-step instructions for updating your controller software is available on our website (

We would kindly request that you respond to Schenck Process once your controller software has been successfully updated. Please use the following email address:, and include the following information in the subject line of your email.

Subject: DISOCONT Safety Function

You will find the Schenck Process Order No. on your Order Confirmation sheet (e.g. Number 5000123456) or on the respective Delivery Note (e.g. Order 5000123456).

Please provide us your feedback with the following information:

  • Serial number of the MULTICOR which is connected to the controller (e.g., V123456.A01)
  • Name and contact data of your contact person

Please note that the above-mentioned email address ( is not suitable for any kind of queries or questions.

Our website ( provides all actual information related to this software fault. Please visit our website frequently for further news and technical information.

For any further question please contact your local Schenck Process service department. You can also reach us using the following contact information:

In Europe/Asia:
Phone: +49 6151 1531 1531

In North/South America:
Phone: +1 800 588 0184

In Australia:
WA/SA: +61 8 9494 6777
NSW/VIC/TAS: +61 2 9043 8400
QLD/NT: +61 7 4930 1400