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At Screenex we are constantly looking at ways to improve our range of screening products, to improve efficiency, wear life and to accommodate our customer’s needs. Our philosophy that each Screenex system is designed to each customers individual requirements ensures that our customers are buying a world class product.

Our top quality polyurethane and rubber screening media are specially designed for maximum durability and easy replacement and maintenance. The unique modular system allows for easy replacement of damaged sections rather than replacing an entire screen - this revolutionary design cuts down time and maintenance costs and increases screen efficiency.

Screenex Rubber screens are used for impact and abrasion resistance, from medium duty right through to the heaviest impact applications.

Screenex Polyurethane screens are known for their versatility, accuracy of product sizing and long life when screening fine to medium particles in wet or dry situations.

Our Pipetop system, a Screenex innovation which provides the highest open area in the industry, uses replaceable polyurethane threaded inserts in either Pin or PolySnap fixing systems to allow for easy installation and replacement, and unique versatility.

Screenex technicians and consultants are all expert problem solvers with over 100 years of combined screening experience, and will custom build a solution to any screening problem.

See how our range of innovative products and expert service will boost your efficiency and productivity today.

Company Profile

Screenex with modern manufacturing facilities in Melbourne and Perth, have built their expertise on almost 100 years of supplying screening equipment to the mining industry. We injection mould the Screenex Polyurethane Rubber modular panel systems as part of the Screenex Screening product range.

Screenex Screening systems are all based on the Screenex modular design, Our broad manufacturing base, commitment to continuous product improvement and philosophy that each Screenex system is custom designed to individual customer needs, ensures our customers are buying a world class product.

Screenex Screening's Sales Engineers have over a 100 years of combined experience in fixed plant mining and are supported by this world-wide manufacturing base.

For more information on the Screenex Screening range of modular panel system, or any of the other products and technical services provided by Screenex, please contact one of our sales engineers.

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Screenex Offers

  • Individual screen panel systems designed to give the optimum performance for each individual application
  • A customer first philosophy
  • A co-operative relationship to improve the profitability of both parties working with site personnel to achieve best solutions