Location Norway

    APP was founded in 1997 and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air pollution control systems. The company delivers state-of-the-art technology with its core product ModuPowerTM. The technology company with its own R&D division focuses on fossil-fuel and biomass-fired power plants as well as the food and feed industries, for which APP develops and manufactures high-voltage power supplies.

    APP is now part of the Schenck Process Group and will trade as Schenck Process Norge AS under the Schenck Process and Stock brand names.

    Industrial Air Pollution Control

    In late 1997 APP signed a contract with the Nutreco-owned fish-feed company, Skretting, for a solution to abate odours from their Stavanger factory. Early 1998, a complete system was installed as the first full scale application. The nominal capacity for this installation was 20.000 m³/h. Skretting later increased the capacity to cover the complete factory and later went on to adopt the technology for the sister factories in Norway. The Stavanger factory of Skretting, currently has 9 APP systems in operation with a total capacity close to 200.000 m³/h. The last installation was completed in February 2007. Skretting is one example of a client first evaluating the system, then implementing it across multiple locations, thereby demonstrating confidence in the technology and providing significant repeat orders for APP over time. The APP technology is also highly efficient as a collector of particulates (i.e. dust) acting as a very effective ESP (Electro Static Precipitator). This feature was the background for a contract between APP and Norton Saint-Gobain in Lillesand in 1998. This delivery was the first application within the ESP-market and the complete airflow emission of 1,5 million m³/h was treated. The solution was very efficient in collecting sub-micron (PM2,5) and fine particles from these industrial emissions. Instead of installing a large and centrally situated ESP, Norton Saint Gobain decided to build one ESP on each chimney point and save 50% of the investment cost! As of November 2008, APP has more than 300 systems for dust and odour abatement in operation around the world in a variety of industrial applications.

    High Voltage Power Supplies

    Being able producing the Air Pollution Control system, APP had to develop a suitable high voltage power supply because none were commercially available on the market. This was completed successfully and over 300 Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) units have since then been produced for industrial applications. In this process, APP developed leading edge knowledge and ability within high voltage power supply design and manufacturing. Over the last years, APP has used this experience to develop a highly efficient, modular, and patented power supply. With this concept the power modules can be stacked in series to increase the output voltage and in parallel to increase the current. These power supplies have proved to increase the power density within the APP reaction chamber with more than 30% compared to the older versions. In addition, the modular approach have proven to be very promising as a power supply for large ESP’s in new installations, and even more attractive in retrofit situations. The first pilot installation in energizing an industrial ESP was made in the spring 2008. The new ESP power supply have an output of 120 kV and 3000mA. Power output is important for cleaning efficiency and is valued by ESP operators. The APP unit provides more than 3 times the power level of any competing SMPS.

    Domestic Air Pollution Control

    In 2001 APP applied for financial support through the EU 5th framework under the CRAFT-initiative, altered in EESD (Energy Environment and Sustainable Development) – key action 4 (City of Tomorrow) for developing a cost effective residential ‘end-of-pipe’ solution for cleaning emission from using solid fuels, contributing to the reduction of the 24.240 deaths annually as well as the 1.540.000 and 460.000 cases of respiratory disease in adults and children respectively among 76 million citizens in Europe exposed to poor urban air quality of domestic use of solid fuels. The commission gave this application highest score and reported back that “…this project will contribute to substituting use of limited fossil fuels with renewable and sustainable fuels like biomass and use of low-cost, ready available, abundant energy source contributing to EU Directive 96/62/EEC regarding ambient air and 1999/24/EC regarding EU energy policy….” The application was granted and the prototype was completed in 2004. The solution developed by APP was verified in laboratories under controllable conditions followed by a full-scale installation. The unit demonstrated removal efficiencies safe above 90% New laws restricting particulate emissions to air from private households in Switzerland and Denmark have been introduced, and similar laws are pending in Germany, France and Netherlands in 2008. Action from other European countries and the European Union is expected to follow. No efficient technology is currently available for consumers to fulfil these new requirements from authorities. This gives unique market possibilities in commercializing the CleanAir technology.

    APP continues its business in Norway under the Schenck Process and Stock brand names and will trade as Schenck Process Norge AS. The company is now being integrated into our global network to benefit from our close customer relationships, extensive technology and industry knowledge and our global sourcing and production.