Great systems for polymer plants and compounding; perfect plastics manufacturing

    Long-term stability and maximum operational reliability are highly sought after in polymer plants. No business can afford for its systems to sit idle. Our feeders have proven themselves in this field.

    The demands placed on plastics have grown immensely. Nowadays, they are often as specific as the end products themselves. From plastic bags and single-use tableware to molded parts for cars, every product has its own strength, durability, and flexibility.

    The range of plastics needed for such applications can be produced by enriching basic plastics like PE or PP with numerous additives in granulating systems. The resulting products are either processed directly into the end product or further modified through more processes.

    Our products are used in numerous ways in the production of plastics.

    We know that there is a need for highly flexible feeding solutions, which can handle any highly specific application. Schenck Process provides the solutions.